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Additional Services/
Fee Schedule:

Boost your business's compliance and online visibility and customer trust with my ADA consultant services. Achieve top-tier ADA compliance, enhance user accessibility, and foster inclusivity. Elevate ROI through prioritized customer-centric solutions.

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The fees below are based on Estimated Construction Cost, this excludes architectural and engineering fees, site acquisition costs, equipment or furnishings.  

Plan and Field Review Service Fees:

Estimated Construction Cost:  $0 to $199,999.00
$300.00 - Plan Review 
$400.00  - Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  $200,000.00 to $499,999.00
$400.00 - Plan Review
$450.00 – Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  $500,000.00 to $999,999.00
$425.00 - Plan Review
$500.00 – Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  $1million to $5 million
$500. 00  - Plan Review
$650.00 - Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  Over $5 million

Please contact me at 281-250-1514 or for fees.

General ADA/TAS/ANSI ICC A117.1 Services

TAS/ADA/ANSI ICC A117.1 Preliminary Plan Review - $350.00

Expert ADA Compliance Assessment: Collaborate with design pros for a thorough review, pinpointing non-ADA compliant elements, and uncovering innovative design remedies.


TAS/ADA/ANSI ICC A117.1 Consulting Services - $350.00

I will partner with you to identify and rectify ADA compliance issues, previously detected by licensed RAS or TDLR inspectors ensuring that your business stays compliant and accessible for all.


TAS/ADA Plan Review - $350.00

Optimize your construction drawings ADA/TAS compliance. I'll meticulously review your documents and prepare essential worksheets, and craft professional letters, all designed to streamline your project's accessibility. 

Final Project Inspection - $350.00

Trust my comprehensive on-site inspection service to verify TAS/ADA compliance in your completed project. With a detailed inspection worksheet and professional letter, we provide assurance of adherence to standards, enhancing accessibility, and safeguarding your investment. 

Assist someone looking to purchase a building - $350.00

I will evaluate any outstanding TAS/ADA issues in pending or completed inspections. My specialized guidance ensures compliance and clarity, streamlining your project's accessibility process. 

Assist clients in obtaining variances from TDLR  - $350.00

Design phase and post construction phase

Conduct building/property inspections for ADA compliance - $350.00

With the ADAAG and TAS/ADA/ANSI ICC A117.1 . Provide written reports on existing conditions to bring facilities into compliance.

Project site assessment  - $350.00

Including: walkways, restrooms, parking lots, building entry and path of travel from accessible parking to each accessible facility entrance.

Provide expert witness/consultant - $150.00 per hour 

For ADA/TAS related matters associated with legal actions 

Please call me at 281-250-1514 or email me at for further information.

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