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Services/Fee Schedule:

​I can register your project for you at no cost. Please fill out the Project Registration Form and email it to me and I'll take care of the rest.

The fees below are based on Estimated Construction Cost, this excludes architectural and engineering fees, site acquisition costs, equipment or furnishings.  

Plan and Field Review Service Fees:

Estimated Construction Cost:  $0 to $199,999.00
$340.00 - Plan Review 
$415.00  - Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  $200,000.00 to $499,999.00
$415.00 - Plan Review
$475.00 – Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  $500,000.00 to $999,999.00
$475.00 - Plan Review
$525.00 – Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  $1million to $5 million
$525.00  - Plan Review
$650.00 - Final Field Inspection
Estimated Construction Cost:  Over $5 million

Please contact me at 281-250-1514 or for fees

General ADA/TAS/ANSI ICC A117.1 Services


TAS/ADA/ANSI ICC A117.1 Preliminary Plan Review

Preliminary Plan Review – Meet with design professionals to identify any non-complying conditions and explore possible design solutions.    - $300.00

TAS/ADA/ANSI ICC A117.1 Consulting Services

Assist clients in assessing and addressing violations noted in previous TAS reports conducted by other RAS or TDLR inspectors - $350.00

TAS/ADA Plan Review – Review construction documents for compliance with TAS, prepare worksheet and letter - $350.00

Final Project Inspection – I will perform an on-site inspection of the completed project to ensure TAS/ADA compliance and will prepare inspection worksheet and letter.

Assist someone looking to purchase a building in appraising and understanding any outstanding TAS/ADA issues related to pending and/or completed inspections - $250.00

Assist clients in obtaining variances from TDLR (design phase and post construction phase) - $300.00

Conduct building/property inspections for compliance with the ADAAG and TAS/ADA/ANSI ICC A117.1 . Provide written reports on existing conditions to bring facilities into compliance. - $350.00

Project site assessment including: walkways, restrooms, parking lots, building entry and path of travel from accessible parking to each accessible facility entrance.

Provide expert witness/consultant for ADA/TAS related matters associated with legal actions - $150 per hour.

Please call me at 281-250-1514 or email me at for further information.

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